Asided from the mainly human ran countries, there are the Dwarves in the Red Mountains that separate Aluxemburg and Milahnah, The Elves in the Great Forest in the center of the continent, and the only other polictically important race, the Eladrin, the political aspects reside in the Fey Realms, which is linked to the world by portals scattered across the world, however many Eladrin live in the mortal realm.

Of the other races, Gnomes live with the Eladrin in the Fey Realms, although some have begun to live amongst the Elves.

Halflings live where they want, and unless they begin to cause too much mischeif, they are allowed to continue.

Half-Elves (Elves in the broader sense being Elves and Eladrin) are politically accepted, and therefore are found where ever their parents are. Only if your character is an Elf, Eladrin, a half-breed, or you have an appropriately high knowledge skill do you know this.

Goliaths are also found in the Red Mountains, however unlike the Dwarves, they live on the mountains, not in them.

Shifters can be found anywhere, but are rare. Most live in nomadic tribes or in small fishing vilages.

Devas are almost unhead of by the common folk. However many can be found in a lesser noble’s court, and indeed in the courts of the rulers.

Dragonborn are among the most respected of the non-predominant races. Long ago they were tasked with defending the world from the Dark One. The majority of their race can be found guarding the Northern Wall which borders the Tintaskin Wastes, where legend has that the Dark One himself is bound and sealed.

If Dragonborn are the most respected race, then the half-orcs are the least respected race. Orcs are a constant thorn into any races’ side. The mob mentality of the world is that half-orcs are inferior to all other races, expect maybe orcs. Both countries are trying to aleve their citizens of their worries, by constantly promoting half-orcs to positions of minor authority, in an attempt to bring them into everyday life.

Tieflings, like half-orcs, are considered second rate citizens. However they are more accepted if just for the fact that they aren’t orcs.


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