This is the main portal for my 4th edition campaign. If you’re at this site, you are probably a player in the campaign (to clarify, Matt DMing at Brad’s house in Orland, Illinois).

As of now we still have Brad’s campaign to continue with, followed by a venture into the second edition brought to you by Paul, and the final stop between me DMing and not, Will’s campaign.

So Obviously we have a lot of time until I get a shot at this. But I want to give you guys as much information as possible about the campaign and world (not to make it seem real and immersive exactly, but more to make it easier. easier for the players and the DM). You can take 5 seconds to look at this and scoff (and probably ask questions the next week in game which will have other players looking at you like you have a third horn growing) or spend 5 hours looking, and who knows, maybe 5 days looking when all is said and done.

To sum up my ramblings, you’ll only get as much out of this experience as you put into it, and here I’m giving you a powerful tool to put a lot into it, and take a lot out of it.

To summarize what obsidian portal is if you have not already perused around, it is a wiki based interface that allows me to link related plot or geographic items together. Well, I can link anything to anything really.

You know how we spent 3 hours drawing a family tree because we were confused as hell? yea, i can just post one here, and on each name in the tree have a link to each npc’s personal data. and what is more the dm sees extra info on a link that the pc’s would not. meaning you see nothing i don’t want you to, but at the same time, streamlining the information so it is not confusing.

Expect mundane information to be posted at first about the world, general knowledge your characters would know. and bare with me and have about 11 years worth of notes amd i’m on vacation, so yes, I have no life, that’s why there’s so much shit.

Obviously characters don’t have to be made yet. I just want to supply everyone with information so they can make the most informed decisions on their characters.

Speaking of characters, I want back stories. I know as a player i’m not one to talk about that really, but, I don’t dm how i play. I want something to go on as far as motives, goals, previous quests, enemies and friends, but don’t limit yourselves to that. Anything you want as your backstory is fair game, to the utmost brink of reason. Want to be a prince? sure. want to be a destined harbringer of death? why not. just give me something to work with so i can work it in. only restriction, i’m going to base the starting level for everyone off of your stories, give or take.

questions comments, you know how to reach me.

My 4e Campaign